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Meet Your Child's Tutor - Anne-Marie Kennedy MA. Ed

Hi, I'm Anne-Marie. I am a UK-qualified, former head teacher with 30 years experience in education. I currently work as a freelance writer and education consultant, but my first love is teaching.

I have a Master's degree in Curriculum Studies, a Bachelor's degree in Religion and Philosophy and I trained at The Institute of Education, University of London.

For the past ten years I have taught GCSE Maths, English Lit, English Language, 'A' level English Literature, and Essay Writing as a private tutor but the most important thing that you should know about me is that I love teaching! I absolutely love it! 

I can honestly say that the most fulfilling and rewarding part of my working life has always been - and always will be - working with children and young people. 

To my mind, anyone can teach content; the real challenge is to create happy, engaged learners

So why not use your free 20 minute consultation to give me a call so that, together, we can map out a new and engaging learning journey for your child? You won't regret it!

Covid-19: The Most Stressful Time Ever...

Studying for GCSEs has always been very stressful, but the recent changes to education due to the Covid-19 outbreak has added to that stress for many young people in ways that we could never have imagined. 

Although teachers are doing their best to provide remote learning, some students, who were already struggling academically, feel they might as well give up. 

Well I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen! Not on my watch!

In some ways this lockdown is an ideal time for us to reset the button on your child's progress so far and focus on how we can use this time to help your child become a successful, confident learner! This is the time for creating solutions!

Now there can be many reasons why your child is struggling with GCSE maths or English. 

They may have been doing well up to now but a low grade in their mocks has knocked their confidence. Perhaps they have always been in the lower sets and even a basic pass seems beyond their reach. 

It could be that your child is just a 'late bloomer' and with a little extra help could significantly improve their grade. 

There could even be gaps in their knowledge that is impeding their progress. 

Whatever the situation, please contact me! I would love to work with your child to help improve their grade and boost their confidence.

A Boost in Confidence Leads to a Boost in Grades!

In my thirty years of teaching I have found one thing to be true of every single student that I have ever taught: once they understand that 'getting something 'wrong' is part of the process of 'getting it right', their fear of failure dissipates, their confidence soars and their grades improve! 

They no longer feel that struggling to understand something is the same as being 'slow' or 'stupid'. They begin to equate wrestling with an answer with developing understanding|! 

Over the years I have worked with students with special needs such as selective mutism, social anxiety, dyslexia and it has been my pleasure to watch these children and young people blossom into independent, successful learners. So whatever your concern or your child's particular learning challenge, I know that we can work it out!

4 Reasons to Choose My Classes

Your fee includes online learning accounts worth £20 a month
You get a free 20 mins consultation before booking
I have an Enhanced DBS Check
I am a UK qualified, former head teacher


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06 June 2020

06 June


Ms Kennedy class helped me a lot when preparing for my GCSE Maths Exam. I was able to follow the lessons and catch on quickly and anything I did have difficulty...
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04 June 2020

04 June


I have been with Anne Marie since my 11+ exam I am now in year 10 going into my GCSEs, I feel confident in my English language and literature work at school an...
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